“Excellent Attorney”

5 star rating

Posted by Carol September 16, 2014

“I referred my friend to an attorney from the Beles Law Office. She had a past conviction that made her deportable and ineligible to apply for her green card. He reviewed her case and concluded that there appeared to be procedural error in her criminal proceedings. He proceeded with a 1016.5 Motion to Vacate her plea which he was successful!!!!! Not only was her plea vacated, her case was completely dismissed!!!! Mr. Manay is very knowledgeable in the area of immigration and post conviction relief. We thank him for his dedication in this case and for giving my friend an opportunity to stay legally in this country.”

“I recommend”

5 star rating

Posted by Leonel November 3, 2012

“If you are looking for some layer to represent you on your immigration case I would rcommend Beles law firm. They just helped me win my immigration case I was released on 10/24/12. Iwas ordered deported due to a sales charge I had back in 1995..They helped me drop my felony to a misdamenor..since my felony was droped I was able to win my canclelation of removal…I would always recommend them for any legal matters you have.”

“Citzenship Through Naturalization”

5 star rating

Posted by Andres July 10, 2011

“I really want to express my sincere gratitude to the attorneys from the Law Offices of Roberto J. Belles for helping me to acquire my citizenship through naturalization. He was very honest with me regarding my case expectations and he understood and explained to me the entire process and always was prompt to answers all my questions and return all my emails, calls and inquires. In the same month that the application was submitted I received the notice for my finger prints and one month later the Attorney Manay accompanied me to the interview for my citizenship test. Also, he translated some documents needed for the interview from English to Spanish. This was a quick process because one month after my interview I was sworn and now I can enjoy the benefits of becoming a US citizen.

I would highly recommend the Beles law firm because they did an excellent job for me and I appreciate their work ethics professionalism and integrity.

Thanks you very much!

Andres Q.”

  • “Guy saved my life”

    5 star rating

    Posted by DwightEgbert December 9, 2014

    “All I had to do was be patient and wait for the courts to calender my matter. It was all done at a reasonable price. All communication was excellent. His knowledge and expertise in the Bay Area court system was very useful. He is very professional and works for a very respected well versed and experienced law firm.

    My matter was minor in comparison to most, but still hindering me in a background check over a minor offense. He understood my dilemma and had empathy.”

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